Beyond the Walls of Avalon

Guard Duty
The First Step on the Third Road

Act 1:
Our adventure begins in the Arena City of Renan, during the early winter. There, by sheer fortune, our three heroes will meet one another. After milling around, checking a couple of inns, they’re all pulled towards the main square by the familiar sound of battle. They arrive on four different sides of the square, each opposite one another. But more importantly, they see a rampaging Ogre (Konrag Skull Cleaver, for anyone that cares) destroying market stalls and killing people left right and centre:


Screams piece your eardrums as you enter the square, and you see the cause. An Ogre, easily ten foot tall stands, towering above everything around him, and lets out a twin headed roar, proclaiming his dominance. Snorting derisively at the corpses of Guards all around him, he lifts up his arm, licking his keen blade with a soundless malevolence. To your shock, you see that his axe is one with his arm. One of the heads grins at the other stupidly, and the other laughs back as he begins to lurch towards an old man, struggling to run admist the chaos.

Quickly dispatching the Ogre with minimal amounts of faffery, the group (Content Not Found: kairi-1, Binktink and Tigelinus) are called over by one of the surviving guards: Gary Greysword.

“Thank you strangers, I’d tip me ‘at if I had one, I ‘ave no idea how the bloody thing got free, those chains are Blacksteel! The only way is if someone sabotaged the lock! Tell you what. I’ll clean up here, but I need one more favour from you lot – don’t worry, I’ll make it worth yer while, if you know what I mean. There’s a traitor in our ranks I reckon, and I think I know who it is. Head up to the barracks, and say Lana sent ya to inspect the locks. That’s not me though! I’m Gary! Gary Greysword, my pleasure. Anyway, take a look around, ask a few direct questions. Get to the bottom of this, and I’ll see you get to the bottom of our coffers too! Oh, one more thing before you go, you’ll need these. An’ act all pompous and inspector like – oh, and be ready to present who you fink dunnit to Lana in two days at midday, aw’ite? Luvly Jubly he taps the side of his nose.

Without any further ado, our heroes set out to the North-East barracks.Renan_map.JPG Upon their arrival they were greeted by Sean Bearsbane, Captain of the Second Squad.

As you enter the barracks under an ornate stone arch, you see two guardsmen deep in conversation with a man covered head to toe in weapons. In his rough hands you see he casually grips a greataxe, moving it from shoulder to shoulder. You can hear their laughter echo off the vaulted ceiling, before gives them a hearty slap on the back and sends them on their way. From the way they salute, you guess he must be a Captain.

“What can I do fo – oh” he says, doing a double take at the sight of your badges “I see, I take it this is about what happened in the Square. I’ve only just heard – only just woken up. I’ll be happy to help in any way I can, my door is always open.”


The group’s first port of call is the Armoury; where they manage to wheedle themselves some neat new weapons.

As you enter the armoury, you’re mesmerised by the torchlight dancing off the gleaming steel surrounding you. Otherwise dark, you see two men sitting behind a table, one with his head on his arm, the other with reading glasses on, leafing through a small tombe. You hear a small hic, and see an old man propped up against a wall, bottle in hand.

They talk to Chaz Dillerbit & Harry Graham, two cockney wheelers and dealers who are in charge of distributing armour and weapons. After a brief and animated conversation with these two, the group leave to investigate the sleeping quarters of squads 1, 2 and 3.


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