Tormund Gutpainter

Captain of Renan's 3rd Guard Squad


A towering, bulky individual without much in the way of brains, Tormund is the powerhouse of Renan’s Guard. Seriously, even his armour has abs.


Tormund was born and raised in Renan – his mother and father were both fighters in the Arena, and so (as he didn’t pass the basic aptitude test for the military) the Guard squad seemed an ideal place for his freakish strength. He rose steadily through the ranks of Squad 3, and his simple approach to his work – as well as his loyalty – earned him a place at the right hand of Loric Greywater, former Captain.

After the death of Loric at the hands of mob justice, Lana granted him the temporary position of 3rd Squad Captain. He is also infatuated with Kairi, the Elven Druid who was partially responsible for the death of Loric.

Tormund Gutpainter

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