Tigelinus Maximüs

A young Dragon Knight with a great destiny.


Captured at a young age by pirates when his village was raided. He became a pirate himself, and was abandoned by his crew during a village raid – left to be captured. While there, he discovered that pirates were responsible for the death of his family. He became devoted to a lawful path, found his former ship, and discovered a stash of raided dragon eggs. There, he heard an egg calling to him. Laying his hands on it, the egg glowed and split, and from that unwitting moment of beauty a dragon knight was forged. Determined to purge the world of piracy, and with the dragon completing his existence – he vowed never to rest in his crusade until the seas were safe for all. Rescuing the eggs under the cover of night, he rowed away with his new hatchling perched on his shoulder, and made a promise to end the terror of those black sails.

He finds himself wandering and adventuring to hone his skills, and strengthen the bond between him and his dragon. He seeks out other dragon knights to teach him the ancient ways of the order.

Tigelinus Maximüs

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