Dr. Gaius Wilkington-Trapp

A Jawless Undead Alechemist


Born to an slightly-less-well-off-than-average family in a small Alpine region. The Nation’s income came from a famed Physician’s college, a renowned Mage’s college and a rare ore.

His father was a Shoemaker or something, and his mother was a failed Artist. He grew up in a stable home, and had a peaceful childhood, enjoying the benefits of being a single child.

When was of age, he left to join the National Service. While largely ceremonial, The Guard served an important role in maintaining a physical presence of law and order. After two years of dutiful service, he decided to pursue his dream, and study at the Physician’s College.

With a hearty recommendation from his commanding officer under his belt, he was admitted to the College readily. A middling student (though that was no mean feat at the College), he wrote his thesis paper on the benefits of alchemical lotions. However, his Professors mocked him, and cast heaps of molten scorn upon his work. They were shamed when the Royal Family arrived. The young Crown Princess was a hemophiliacac, and during the tour of the university, she cut herself on an unfortunately placed nail. FROM NOWHERE, GAIUS leaped, and applied his experimental lotion, without a thought for the consequences, spraying it all over the guards and the Professors in his haste. The bleeding was immediately staunched.

Graduating with honours, he was offered a position in the Royal Household the Princess’ personal physician. During his time at the Physician’s College, he fell in love with an aspiring Mage from the rival University. They never saw each other again, the two colleges too firmly entrenched in their rivalry. That was, until he toured the Mage College with the Royal Family on graduation day. They met, and the fire was re-kindled. In no time at all, they had a daughter, and cramped but luxurious quarters in the royal household.

The disparity between their abilities and chosen areas was an apparent abnormality in their lives – causing both kinship and friction in equal measure. While Gaius kept his post as the Crown Physician, Alice became one of the leading Professors at the Mage College.

Dr. Gaius Wilkington-Trapp

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