Binktink Dinkerwink

Heavily Bearded Gnomish Wizard


Binktink Dinkerwink is, in many respects, a typical Gnome: mainly in the respect that he’s very very short. Standing at 2’1", even the length of his beard outstrips his height. He also believes that his intellect is unparalleled – as any young Gnome worth their salt should – and, as such, uses polysyllabic words that covey the impression of great erudition. Those words, however, are oft not placed with tact, and he usually speaks his mind with little heed for the harshness of his tongue, and the consequences of a policy of honesty in a dishonest world.


Raised by a Saraal Warrior, Brinktink had a very unusual upbringing While other Gnomes learned to tinker, he learned to hunt. Leaving his home due to Wanderlust, he began his study of magic in the neighboring human kingdoms. He was bullied by his fellow students, but he had grown immune to such taunts – having a thick skin and a thicker beard. Upon leaving the Fenamir School of the Arcane, he stole a rare and ancient text that holds dire secrets. Unfortunately, he cannot read this text. He also possess a magical ring, which he does not know how to use. Binktink pursues his ambitions of power through purely logical means.

Binktink Dinkerwink

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